Climb and Sail

Join us on a unique adventure.

Climb & sail

Together with Seilnorge we have the opportunity to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Up here in the north, the granite mountains shoot straight out of the sea, which offers perfect conditions for combining a climbing trip with a sailing trip. We take you on Climb & Sail in the incredible areas of Lofoten and Steigen. Have you always dreamed of climbing Stetind? Here is your chance! As that’s our main goal of the trip!

Northern Norway is home to some world class rock climbing. With mountains rising straight up from the sea, it sets the scene for a great combination of climbing and sailing. We sail from island to mountain, to experience, see and learn. We’ll play in the wind, in the water and in the high mountains! Join us from Lofoten to Steigen, climbing and sailing among Norway’s national treasures.

With climbing shoes in our sail bags

We anchor at the approach to some of Norway’s most spectacular rock climbing routes! Sailing is by far the best way to travel along the coast; fun and not least practical. From the boat, we have a perfect view to study and admire the mountains we will climb, before we take the dinghy ashore, put on our harnesses, organize our ropes and climb to the top. Enjoy pleasant evenings in the boat and intense mountain experiences during the day. Join us on Climb & Sail for one of the more intense and beautiful nature experiences Norway has to offer!

From Henningsvær to Bodø

This trip starts in Henningsvær and ends in Bodø. We start by sailing across Vestfjorden, to Steigen and visit Manshausen, the expedition island of Børge Ousland. Here we find the Nordskot traverse: an exposed, but manageable climb traversing a great ridge formation. This will give us a good taste of the experiences we will have in the mountains during the week.

Our next destination is Hamarøyskaftet, a very special mountain formation, rising straight up like the pick of an axe. The climb up is even and with plenty of good sized ledges along the route. Not least does the peak offer a splendid view. From Hamarøy, the trip goes north to Tranøy Lighthouse, where we land to see and learn a bit about Norwegian lighthouse history and this cute little place. We relax on the boat between the rock climbing in the mountains. It is a comfortable way to travel and most people sleep well, lulled to sleep by the waves after long, active days.

Climb & Sail to Norway’s national mountain

Our main goal of this trip, however, is Stetind – Norway’s national mountain! Like an anvil in granite, it towers over Tysfjorden – and “even atheists can become religious at the sight of the mighty giant” – as the legendary rock climber and philosopher Petter Wessel Zapfe from northern Norway once wrote. We have competent guides with us on the trip, who will take us safely to the top.

Have you long dreamt of climbing Stetind, or just playing with ropes and harnesses among the alpine and majestic peaks around Lofoten and Steigen? Have you thought that combining climbing with sailing seems like an exciting combo? Or do you just want to explore some of the finest climbing routes in Northern Norway? Then Climb & Sail is the trip for you!


From: NOK 27.200,-


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August 21th-28th 2024


  • 8 days onboard the boat Draco
  • All climbing equipment
  • All food onboard
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